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Diligent. Secure. Fast.

About Kbees Transport

Kbees Transport is your trusted logistics provider, warehouse storage and distribution specialist. For years we have provided customers the support needed to operate their business without the logistical challenge.


The extent of our fleet will cover any logistics requests, providing both fast and secure delivery of all tiems. We have the right vehicle for all situations.


We provide high-quality logistics, transport and warehousing solutions to businesses in South East Queensland and Northern Riverlands.


Kbees Transport is a long serving logistics company with quality assurance and care.

We Do Not Use Coupons

There is no minimum quantity. Simply call us when you need us.
You don’t have to pay money up front for a coupon book, instead you simply pay the account when it is due, or for one off deliveries, you can pay on that day.

We Accept One Off Deliveries

There are no delivery quotas or lock in contracts. We let you decide how many times you use us for a job.

No Set Pickup Times

You don’t have to worry about missing the pre-set pickup times because there are none. Simply call us when you have your item ready for dispatch.